T-shirt Printing Options

Direct to Garment/DTG
This is the premium choice. Often used for small custom orders or brands that require retail quality.
Screen Printing

The most cost effective option to print BUT it has a setup fee for each colour.
Best for 100's of shirts

Polyflex branding
Used to customise team names and numbers or the occational gimmick or gift. 
Couple Printing
Show off to the world you are togehter or in love with a custom printed couple theme shirt or hoodie.
Gamer Shirts

This quality and durable branding option allows for all over printing of your fully custom design.

BrideS & Grooms
Create a completely custom brides or grooms party shirt and take advatage of the savings.
Digital transfers
Quick and easy full colour printing for short term use. Often used for funerals, one day events or props.
sublimation Printing
Fantastic and durable branding option that allows for all over printing of your custom design. 
1 Colour printing
This option is great for printing a bunch of shirts with the same design.